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Corporate charity

The company considers charity and sponsorship activities as an essential part of its social programs. Management Company RosSpetsSplav - MidUral Group, JSC and personally its chairman - Sergei Gilvarg are on the board of the Support Foundation of the State educational institution of the Sverdlovsk Region "Sysert Orphanage", Kluchevskiy Ferro-Alloys Plant is in patronage of the Sysert Orphanage since its foundation in 1995. Charity aid is also consistently provided to the Social care center for families and children in the Sysert area (city of Aramil), State health care institution "Children's Home Nr. 6" (Vyuhino township), to sponsored schools, nursery schools, hospitals and other institutions. The company invests in the development of local communities in the territories of presence of the MidUral Group companies. This includes assistance in preservation of objects of cultural and historic heritage, maintenance and repair of sports and leisure facilities, support of Metallurgist football and hockey teams of Dvurechensk township, sponsorship of local cultural, education and sports organisations, state financed organisations, individuals, peacekeeping veterans, non-government foundations, and sponsorship of events dedicated to the International Day for the Elderly and Charity Day. Moreover the Chairman of Management Company RosSpetsSplav - MidUral Group, JSC, Sergei Gilvarg is on the Guardianship Board of the Foundation for Rejuvination of the St. John the Evangelist Church in Krasnoe township. The foundation was established in 2012 to assist in the reconstruction of the church. The St. John the Evangelist Church was built in 1703 and is classified as a typical Russian homestead church. During the Soviet times, the church service was forbidden and has ceased, resulting in an almost complete collapse of the building. Thus far, by the virtue of the efforts of the Foundation, the Church has undergone complete cosmetic repairs, new communications have been laid, the walls and domes were plastered, new altars, hand painted by young artists, were installed (in the central part and within the confines). The plans for further restoration include major works to paint frescos on the inside of the Church, to complete the interior decor and to shore the foundation.