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Kluchevsky Enriching Factory

Kluchevsky Enriching Factory - is a unique complex for manufacturing of novelty smelt metal products for metallurgical and refractories industries. Kluchevskiy Enriching Factory was established in 2004 for processing of aluminothermic slags, accumulated over the long operational history of the Kluchevskiy Ferroalloys Plant.

The project of processing the Kluchevskiy Ferroalloys Plant's slag piles is a unique project for the world metallurgical industry, when the primary industrial wastes are used as a growth point. The engineers of MidUral Group have succeeded in developing and implementing a technology, allowing to process complex polycomponent technogenic mineral formation into materials, demanded by the manufacturing plants of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, in production of abrasion materials, in refractory industry for production of refractory cements.

The method for processing technogenic materials provides for a range of over 20 products: Aluminothermic reduced high-alumina clinker, High-alumina product for synthetic slag smelting, High alumina smelting products and alumina-containing flux, Metallurgical slag lining flux and other products. X-ray radiometric separation method serves as the basis. This novel highly efficient, environmental friendly and low-cost technology, is based on the results of developments of radiometric methods of concentration. The processing of the slag pile, in addition to an economic effect, also has an environmental angle. The processing of these slags will enable the reduction of technogenic pile of Kluchevskiy Ferroalloys Plant. The pile is enclosed within a fence, provided with a storm drain system. The ground waters are constantly monitored. In the future, after the whole pile is processed, this land plot will be revegitated restoring the natural landscape.