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Kluchevsky Ferroalloy Plant

Today the Kluchevsky Ferroalloy Plant – is a modern production plant, utilising high technologies for manufacturing of its products, protected by hundreds of inventor's certificates and seven patents.

The plant is the only manufacturer in Russia and former USSR producing a wide range (over 30 positions) of unique ferroalloys and alloying agents, produced through reduction of metals from their oxygen and other compounds. Amongst these products are aluminathermic chrome metal, high carbon and carbon-free ferrochrome, ferroniobium, ferrotitanium, ferrotungsten, silicocalcium, silicocalcium with active agents (vanadium, zirconium, titanium, aluminum), silicovanadium, ferrosilicozirconium, magnesium containing conditioning agent, alumina-containing alloying agents, nickel and niobium based alloying agents, slag products and others.

The company's products are widely used in metallurgical industry for alloying, deoxidation and degasifying of steels and alloys, in manufacturing of welding materials and electrodes, in production of stainless and heat-resistant steels, and for modification of foundry iron. In terms of the applied technologies and the product line-up for metallurgical industry the plant is a unique manufacturing company in the ferroalloy sub-industry in Russia and CIS countries. 

Kluchevsky Ferroalloy Plant Quality Management System in the field of "production of chrome powder and metal, ferroalloys, briquets and alloying materials, slag products and flux cored wire" is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 by TUV Rheinland InterCert.

In 2012 the Kluchevsky Ferroalloys Plant has produced its 500-thousandth ton of chrome metal. The plant's products are highly demanded in the international market. Over the time of cooperation with foreign partners, not a single complaint was received regarding quality of the products. The plant's pilot section allows to create conceptually new ferroalloys and alloying agents according to the needs and requirements of the clients.