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Silicocalcium With Zirconium

To Specification TY 14-141-83-87
Used to alloy steel; improves its hardness and strength.
Zirconium adds dissolved nitrogen to form nitrides, improves plastic properties of steel and its crack resistance which is important during operation at alternating loads and temperatures.
Reduces contamination of steel with lineage non-metallic inclusions and reduces the anisotropy factor.

Chemical composition:

Grade Chemical composition, %
Са Al Zr Fe C P S Si
in limits min. max.
СКЦр2* 13-20 2-4 3-5 10 0,6 0,1 0,03 Balance

* - под заказ, по согласованию с MidUral Group

At request can be supplied with calcium contents of more than 20%
and zirconium contents of more than 5%.
Maximum lump size 150 mm, packed in steel drums.
Density 2.5 - 3.0 g/cm3
Melting point 900-1100°С.