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Iron-Silicon Based Master Alloys With Rare-Earth Metals

To Specification TY 14-5-136-81

Microalloying of steel with rare-earth metals improves cold resistance and reduces anisotropy of deformed steels properties. The use of rare-earth metals is effective for welded steels characterized by the combination of cast and deformed structures in the weld area and tending to lamination. Ultimate strength of cast iron with globular graphite modified with rare-earth metals is 2-3 times higher than that of grey cast iron. Small additions (0.03-0.05% of rare-earth metals) to cast iron allow to produce thin-walled castings without chill. Used to alloy light aluminium and magnesium based non-ferrous alloys, improve rupture strength, vibration and corrosion resistance without the increase in electrical resistance.

Chemical composition:

Grade Chemical composition, %
сумма РЗМ Si Al Fe
кл. А кл. Б
ФС30РЗМ30 30-40 30-50 2-5 5-15 ост
ФС30РЗМ20 20-30 30-55 2-5 5-15 ост
ФС30РЗМ15 15-20 30-60 2-5 5-15 ост
ФС30РЗМ10 10-15 30-60 2-5 5-15 ост
ФС30РЗМ5 5-10 30-60 2-5 5-15 ост

In master alloys of all grades the following percentages by mass are permitted:

- magnesium - up to 1.5%;
- carbon - up to 0.5%;
- copper - up to 2.5%;
- calcium - 0.5-6%.
By agreement with the customer, in grade ФСЗОР3М5 the total content of rare-earth metals of less than 5% is permitted. Supplied in lumps of not more than 10 kg, packed in steel drums. Density 3.5 - 4.5 g/cm3. melting point 1250 - 1400 °C