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Russian chromium 1915

Russian chromium 1915 specializes in production of chrome-containing industrial materials and reagents. The principal technical products of the Company are: sodium bichromate, potassium dichromate, chromium anhydride, chrome oxide, dry chromium tanning agent, sodium sulphate produced from chrome containing industrial wastes. Industrial chromium salts serve as raw materials for production of chromium salt reagents (chromium acetate, potassium bichromate, chromium (VI) oxide, chromium (III) chloride and other salts).

The products are widely used in metallurgy (for production of alloy steels and special alloys), machine building (for chrome galvanizing), leather, textile, paint and coating industry, in production of detergents and other industrial processes. Moreover, chromium salt reagents are produced that are used as analytical reagents and raw material for chemical and other industries. Currently the largest investment projects in the company is the modernisation of chromium anhydride production with the capacity of 4 000 tons per year.The implementation of this project will allow to provide for internal consumption of chromium anhydride within the MidUral Group of companies, as well as to allow interior and export sales.

It is worth noting that after acquisition of the company by MidUral Group the air emissions were reduced by 65 times: currently the content of harmful substances on the border of the sanitary protection zone is significantly lower than the permitted maximum. In consequence of the environmental protection program undertaken by MidUral Group in 2011 the concentration of Chromium 6 in the Chusovaya river downstream of Perovuralsk, for the first time in a hundred years, was lower then the permitted maximum. The plant uses low-waste technology, involving dry stacking of the industrial tailings in a separate deposit.